FC-7S fiber cleaver

FC-7S Fiber Cleaver

Description: The FC-7S fiber cleaver is a high precision at a low cost, suitable for any job. FC-7S is a Compact and ergonomic, precise and durable, the fiber cleaver is perfect for all cleaving applications from Splice on Connectors to an emergency fiber restoration. The standard FC-7S cleaves 250um and 900um fibers with a 3-step … Read more


fiber cleaver hs30

A cleaver in an optical fiber is a deliberate, controlled break, intended to create a perfectly flat end face, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the fiber. Cutting the fiber optic filament or cable is not as hard as it might seem. It’s possible to cut the thinner diameter fibers (0.25 mm – 1.00 mm) and … Read more

Fiber cleaver SKL-6C Cable Cutting Knife FTTT Fiber Optic Knife Tools cutter High Precision Cleavers 16 surface blade

Product Details Name : Automatic SKL-6C High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver 16 Surface Blade (Blade Life : 48000 time) Material : Aluminum Type : Cutters Product Breadth : 10 Cm Product Height : 10 Cm Product Length : 10 Cm Net Quantity (N) : Pack Of 1 Model : SKL-6C Fiber Diameter :125um Coating Diameter : 250?m fiber cable, 900?m fiber cable, 12-fibre ribbon, and fiber jumper cable Blade Life : … Read more

CF-2 Fiber Optic cable stripper

CF-2 is a compact fiber optic cable stripper manufactured by Info fiber group for stripping fiber optic cable. The CF-2 fiber optic cable stripper tool has a 2 hole design to efficiently strip away 1.6mm to 3mm fiber optic cable jacket or 900 micron tight buffer & 250 micron buffer coating from the 125 micron … Read more

Cassette Cleaner

Description Fiber optic connector cleaners utilize a specially formulated dry cloth for thorough and efficient cleaning of fiber optic end-faces.They eliminate the need for hazardous cleaning fluids that can leave a residue.The cloth is extremely effective in removing grease, dust and other contaminants.These products offer substantial labor savings over conventional, high volume applications and have … Read more

Polishing Film (ADS) NTT AT Japan

Polish film is the finally necessary item in fiber optic jumper wire grinding procedure,  NTT AT ADS is Japan original import, can minimizethe scratch, there won’t be binding  left on fiber surface after polished, and long service life, effectively save jumper cost. Specifications: Type: ADS (SiO2 type) Standard sizeDisk type : 127mm dia. (100pcs/set) Base material thickness : 75μm (3mil) Color: Translucence Application: 2.5 mm to 1.25 mm ceramic ferrule Storage conditions: humidity 10 ~ 30° Humidity: 30 ~ 60% Applicable ferrule: 2.5mm dia. zirconia ferrule1.25mm dia. zirconia ferrule

Polishing Film (1um/3um/6um/Diamond)

Description Polishing Films are available with surface textures and particle density to suit the end user’s performance requirements. Films are lot tested for quality, consistency and longevity. A range of films are available for epoxy removal, grinding, fine polish and cleaning of industry standard fiber optic connectors and ferrules. PFD: We offers a variety of … Read more

CF-3 Fiber Optic cable stripper

CF-3 Fiber Optic cable stripper is a three-hole design fiber optic cable stripper manufactured in China to precise tolerances. The diameter holes and V-openings in the blade allow for clean, accurate stripping without scratching or nicking the bare fiber. This tool efficiently removes 1.6mm to 3mm fiber jackets & buffers down to the 125 micron … Read more

Polishing Rubber Pad (Standard)

MSK webinfo now offers top quality Precision Connector Rubber Polishing Pads. The quality and hardness of the rubber support pads along with the design of the polishing machine determine the radius of curvature produced when grinding and polishing fiber optic connectors.  Choose between 2mm and 5mm thickness below. Available in 40 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, … Read more

Smart OTDR (INF-3600)

Smart OTDR

INF-3600 Smart handled OTDR is mainly used to measure the length, loss and connection quality of all kinds optical fiber cables. It can also be widely used in engineering construction, line maintenance & testing, emergency repair, the development and production of optical fiber cables. This OTDR for fiber optic, price low, with backlitdisplay screen, compatible … Read more