Solve LOS Light Blinking Red on Huawei Router

How to Solve LOS Light Blinking Red on Huawei Router?
Today, having problems with your Internet connection is definitely on the top of the most frustrating things list. You browse the internet, or try to send an email, or you are in the middle of an online class, and all of the sudden you can’t do anything more. The computer reports that there is no internet connection. You take a look at your router and you see the LOS Light blinking red.

This article is intended for Huawei router users and we are going to cover the meaning of the LOS light blinking red, what might be the causes and of course, present several ways to fix this problem and get your internet connection up and running.

On the other hand, if you don’t use a Huawei router, but the LOS light is red on your router, keep reading. Maybe one of the solutions will help you fix your connection too.

LOS Light On Huawei Router
LOS Light Blinking Red: What Does It Mean?
First of all, LOS stands for Loss Of Signal. When everything functions properly this light should be off.

When you see the LOS Light Blinking Red on your router it usually indicates there is a problem with the fibre optic connection.

What May Be Causing The LOS Light Blinking Red?
There are several different reasons why you are seeing the LOS light blinking red on your Huawei router.

Some of the most common are: loose cables and connectors, damaged cable or cable pins, or your optic cable has been bent abnormally. On the other hand, maybe your ISP is experiencing some problems like a power outage, or is just performing scheduled maintenance on their network system.

When you know the reasons for the red blinking LOS light on the router, you can easily try to look for a solution in the right direction. And here are some tested solutions that have helped most users fix the problem they have.

How To Fix LOS Light Blinking Red On Huawei Router?
Have You Paid The Bill?
To be honest people lead a pretty busy life these days so it’s normal to forget something. In this case this applies to paying the bill for the internet services. If you don’t pay in time, your ISP will cut the signal after some time. This will result in loss of signal which leads us to the main problem we have.

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