LC and SC duplex Clip (for connector)


Our connector Clips are exceptional in quality at a favorable price. Furnished in our connector clips is ease of connecting Fiber Optic LC and SC connectors together. The beige housing design of these LC and SC duplex connector clips make connector insertion effortless.
These handy duplex clips can be used to join two individual LC and SC connectors together to become a duplex assembly. These one piece clips simply snap into place securely connecting the two individual connectors together. These clips can only be used on LC and SC connectors with 2.0, 3.0mm boots.

Material: Plastic PES
Color: Blue-Singlemode PC/UPC, Green-Singlemode, Beige -Multimode PC/UPC


  • One piece simple design
  • Easy installation and detachable design
  • for 250/900µm, 900µm LB,1.6mm and 2mm types are available
  • Used to connect two Fiber LC and SC connectors together
  • Flexible plastic housing makes connector insertion easy
  • Snap in design lets you take connectors out and re-install them in a flash
  • Light weight design keeps weight of connector assembly to a minimum resulting in less wear and strain on LC and SC ports

Fiber cable assembly

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